What I’m Reading Wednesday. (Thursday) 

Hello, my wonderlandians! Thank you for joining me here on this Wednesday. Today we are going to talk about the book we are currently reading.

So it seems like the last few books I have been listening to have been biographies of sorts. I finished Lily Collins new book Unfiltered review coming soon.

This week I am currently listening to Lilly Singh better known on YouTube as iisuperwomanii new book How to be a BAWSE. I must say I am living for this book. I love when authors narrator their own books. She is such a joy to listen to. This book has given me the motivation to get back and invest my time into getting my photography company back up and running. I am not even all the way done with the book.

I feel like most YouTubers come out with books and they are okay books. Not hating on other YouTubers who have come out with their own books. I personally feel like this book is really going to make a positive impact and make people really want to be productive and take action in their lives. I know that it has had that effect on me.

Please feel free to leave me a comment and tell me what you are reading.

On your way out don’t forget to feed the unicorns. They might just grant you a wish.

All my love,


Free Friday! I guess Saturday.

Happy Friday wonderlandians! We have made it through the week. Thank you for coming back to our small piece of wonderland. You are probably asking yourself what are we going to explore today.

Today we are going to be exploring the awesometasic thing that is the free book. You read me right. The FREE book. It is a this strange thing that you can get on any e reader. Sorry to my fellow reader that love physical books today is all about the e-books. Well one e-book that I think everyone should read and yes it is free.

The first book I want to talk about is called awaken.It is written by Skye Malone. She is a self-published author and she has won some awards.


This book is about a 17 year old girl named Chloe Kowalski who just wants to go to the ocean. She has some really strict parents that don’t really want her to go or to have anything to do with the ocean. They won’t even let her paint her room blue.

I don’t want to give to much away about this book as I feel that every part is important. This is the kind of a book were we are learning things along with the character.

This book is told in a duel person perspective. Now I am the type of person who judges a book hard when an author ventures into the world of duel perspectives. This can be a hard thing to do and do well. (I, myself have tried. Lets just say it did not go well.) Doing a duel person perspective can make or break a book.

Skye Malone does this very well and you get to know these two characters very well. I must say though that I did find I like reading from the male perspective a little bit more. Most of the time I find it hard to read when a male character is telling the story but overall I really enjoyed reading from his perspective.

This is a fast read. You get so invested in these characters that you can’t put the book down.

The only thing I wish that this book had was an audio book to go with it. I am an avid listener of audio books. I really think they can enhance a readers experience. Well only if the person reading the book has a voice that I like.

Now my wonderlandians I have a question for you. What are some of your favorite free e-books? I am always looking for some new ones.

Top 3 Thursday

Hello, wonderlandians! Thursday is done and we are one day closer to the weekend. How has your week been going so far. Please leave a comment so we can chat about our week.

Since I have started What I’m Reading Wednesday I thought I would participate in Top Three…but instead of doing it on Tuesday I will be doing it today. So today I am going to be talking about my top three favorite indie authors. I honestly feel like indie authors are not talked about in the book community whether it be here in the blogging world, booktube, or bookstagram. Which is a shame. There are a ton of awesome self-published authors out there. Lets get started.

Number 3.

The first author I discover one night while I was looking for new books to read. This author is one of my favorites her name is Kelly Carrero. She wrote the evolution series. When I read these books it only suppose to be a trilogy. I must say I read those books in three days. This was the fastest I have ever read and e-book.


Kelly is very active in her social media. She is very quick to get back to any fans that have any questions for her about her books. Another thing that drew me to this author is that she is from Australia. I can say that before reading any of her books I have not read a book from an Australian author. She has put out with a new series lately. The first book is fantastic.


You can pick up the first book in her evolution series for free. So if you want to check out one of her books this is one that I would recommend.

Pick it up here on Amazon

Evolution Book One – http://amzn.to/2pIZdZp

Evolution Book One and Two for FREE – http://amzn.to/2pIzopf

Number 2.

The next author was one that again I found while looking for a new book to read. Originally this author was not one that I got into. I started reading the book but put it down after reading only three chapters. Then a year later I picked the book back up and thought I would give this author another chance. I am so happy that I did.

This authors name is Alyica Linwood she wrote two awesome series that interconnect with each other. The first series is called the Element Preservers and the second is called  Tainted Elements.

It really doesn’t matter which order you read them in. Okay, so maybe it does. If you start with the Tainted Elements series first you might feel like you have missed out on a lot. Truth be told you did. The first series has five book and a novella.

I love elemental magic and Alyica does it on a way that I have never read before. She is an author to look out for.

Get the books here on Amazon

Elemental Preservers Book One – http://amzn.to/2p18vz5

You can get these both for free!

Number 1.

The final author that I want to talk about is Penelope King.


She is my favorite indie author. I have pretty much read every book she has written with exception of to of her book. This is another author that has two series that are set in the same world and somehow connect. When I first read the Demonblood Series I had know idea it connected with her The Spellbound Series . Her books are amazing. The only thing that drives me crazy is that a fourth book was suppose to come out in the Demonblood Series and has yet to be released. So Penelope please let me know what is going on with that book. Please and thank you.

Overall, she could write about the life of a sandwich bag and I would buy it.

Get the first book in both series here.

Demonblood Book One – http://amzn.to/2owlSDl

Witchy Witch Book One – http://amzn.to/2ow2re8


What I’m Reading Wednesday

Hello my wonderlandians. How is So last week I told you about two books I am currently listening to and I am still on those books. For Easter though I was able to pull the Mr. Gamer aka my boyfriend away from his computer which in reality is not that hard to do. Tell him that there is a new Fast and Furious movie out and he is there. Well  I was able to drag him to the book store for an Easter present.

I am so excited. Now he would not let me go crazy and buy up the entire bookstore which I would have loved. He doesn’t love me that much to put himself in debt, but I was able to pick up two book. Which was very sweet of him to get me.

I decided that the book I was going to get would be a little bit out of my reading comfort zone. Which I do not dare stray from often. I know I am missing out on a lot of great books but I am a creature of habit. So stepping out of my little comfort zone of reading I picked up the book Lily Collins wrote. Not only is she one of my favorite actresses but I look up to her a lot.

When I found out that she had written a book I was excited to check it out. The book Lily wrote is called Unfiltered. Being only that I am two chapters in I don’t have much to comment on the book so far. What I have read of it I have liked. I will have to let you know my full thoughts on it when I have finished the book.


What I’m Reading Wednesday!

Hello, my wonderlandians. How are you all doing? So today I want to talk about what I am currently reading. Well what I am currently listening to. I am listening to the second book in the House of Royals series by Keary Taylor. I have to say I am only about half way through the audio book and it is better that the first.


Don’t you just love that. I know I sure do. The book starts off right where the first one left off so to speak. Okay, it starts of four days later. I am at the edge of my seat. I would be done by now but you such things in life. You know that things that feeds my addict to the audio book. Work! If I didn’t have to work I would spend all my time worshiping the audio book gods. Sadly I can’t do that.

I will have to report back when I have finished the book of awesome.

Next, I have started another audio book today. I am only about an hour in, but so far it is pretty solid book so far. The name of this book is Bedding the Wrong Brother. This book falls under my guilty pleasure reads.


Now this book is NOT for people under the age of I would say 16. I will also report back on this one later. This book is not long at all only 5 hours. So score. I know what I am finishing tonight.

For now stay safe in wonderland and don’t forget the feed the unicorns if you see them. They might grant you a wish if you are lucky.  stay away from the vampire. They are a little hungry today.

Hi, I’m AlltheBookishthingss or Ashten.

Hello, everyone and welcome to my own personal wonderland! In this wonderland there is no evil queen that will cut off your head, or some cats that likes to cause mischief. This is the wonderland is made up of books! I am so excited to show you around.

I will be your tour guide. My name is Ashten but I go by allthebookishthings around here. Before we get started on this crazy adventure let me tell you more about myself. I am 25 almost 26 year old girl who just happens to be obsessed with books. I recently moved out with my gaming obsessed boyfriend. So we balance each other out nicely. It also helps that I love gaming too.

When I was a little girl you could not get me to read. I got into reading later in life when I was a teenager. Those years were really rough for me. Reading turned into an escape for me. This is why I say now that reading is my wonderland. I can read to escape what is ever going on in my life for a little while. My favorite series to date is Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead. I could talk about that series forever. I will go more into detail in another post about that. If you would like.

Now that you have gotten to know me a little bit better leave me a comment telling me what your favorite book or series is. This way we can go even deeper in our wonderland journey together. So lets buckle up because my wonderland can get a little crazy.

House of Royals Audio Book Review


House of Royals was an interesting read for me. It has been a long time since I have fallen in love with a vampire novel as easily as I did with this one.

Keary Taylor wrote this lovely story. This is the first book in a seven-book series so far. It is about a girl named Alivia. She is a 22-year-old girl who just moved to the south after her father someone she has never met died and left her everything he had in his will. I will not go into more detail than that because I feel that every bit of the story is a giveaway.

Now, I listened to the audio book so I will get into details about how I thought the narrator did.

First, let us talk about the actual writing in the book. I really enjoyed the writing flow of how Keary wrote. It wasn’t too fast or too slow. The main character Alivia I really enjoyed her. I found that I was really invested in the well being of this character. Although, I will say this about Alivia, I felt that was really wasn’t reading a story of a 22 year old woman, but more of someone who was in their late teen years. Not saying that the character was not relatable. She was. I just felt that I was reading about a teenager. Closer to the end of the novel did I feel that I was reading about a 22 year old young woman.

Now on the narrator. When it comes to audio books I am really critical on the person who reads the novel. They can make or break an audio book. I have listened to a lot of audio books in my time.

I LOVED the woman who narrators this novel. Her name is Renee Dorian. The way she read this novel had me hooked from the very first paragraph that she read. Renee had a lot different voices when she was voicing for all of the different characters. This gives the narrator big brownie points from me. When any narrator can do this I know that I am going to enjoy the book. I am looking forward to hearing her narrate the rest of this series.

Oh wait I forgot to tell you that this book is free on the Kindle. I bought the audio book as an add on for $1.99. You can’t beat that in my opinion.

I will have to give this book a 4.5 out of 5.